Name: Stella.


Age: Stella is an Aquarius, so...basically ageless.


Hobbies: Solving crossword puzzles, chess, challenging IQ tests.


Languages: Fluent in English, CH German, Croatian, Slovenian, and not so fluent in Italian, French, and Spanish.


Likes: Pulling pranks on her daughter & friends, belting out tunes & dancing, hearty contagious laughter, the pitter-patter of rain, rooting for Liverpool Football Club, indulging in martial arts, exploring aviation, savouring gin, shooting pointless reels, and relishing avocado.


Dislikes: Individuals who miss sarcasm and lack a sense of humour, tennis, and tequila shots. 


Loves: Noelle- her Queen daughter! Iva, Damir & Mattia- her Croatian Squad. Andrea, Lia & Evelyne- her trouble tribe.


Signature Style: Always clad in black, white, or red, sporting sneakers and jeans, with a penchant for avant-garde, textured, and oversized fashion. Sometimes has an off-day and wears colourful clothes.


Never Seen In: Clothing made by exploited labor, floral patterns, or the color orange.



Stella is the Head of Design Team and Chief Stylist at avecNono, seamlessly balancing two passions she couldn't imagine parting with. With a loyal clientele spanning over 2,000 in Switzerland and hundreds more across Europe, Stella's expertise in crafting wardrobe magic and guiding closet purges is unparalleled. She navigates client preferences with finesse, as long as they align with her own.


As a leather bag designer, Stella stands as a beacon of innovation, meticulously attending to the minutiae often overlooked by others. She personally road-tests every design, ensuring utmost quality before production.


Welcome to Stella's realm—brace yourself for an exhilarating journey!

Stella in pictures