NAME: Stella

AGE: Stella is an Aquarius, they're ageless

HOBBIES: crossword puzzels, IQ tests, writing

LANGUAGE: English, CH German, Croatian, Slovenian. (Italian and French, but only if her life would depend on it)

LIKES: playing pranks on her daughter & friends, singing & dancing, loud annoying laughter, rain, Liverpool Football Club,, martial arts, aviation, gin and avocado

DISLIKES: people who don't recognise sarcasm and have no sense of humour, tennis, tequila and coop Berliner 

WEARS ALWAYS: black, white, red, sneakers, jeans, avantgarde, textured and oversized

WEARS NEVER: clothes made by children and/or underpaid workforce, flowers and orange


Stella is a part of the Design team and a Stylist at avecNono Store.. Two careers she loves equally and could never give up either of those

Over 2'000 clients Switzerland-wide and hundreds Europe-wide are happy to put themselves in her capable hands when it comes to creating "wardrobe magic", as well as throwing clothes in the bin. Considering and respecting client's wishes (as long as they're same as her's), Stella enjoys a good wardrobe clear-out. As a leather bags Designer, she is the most innovative there is, while paying great attention to "small stuff everyone always forgets". She "test-drives" all her designs before production asking herself questions like: "How quick can I find my stuff inside this bag?" or "Will this shoulder strap still be comfortable when I shorten it?" and even "What will happen to this bag if I drive over it with my car?" Which she then does...

Welcome to Stella's world, enjoy the ride!

Stella in pictures