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Fashion is in the air, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, with what's going on around us ...



The Swiss fashion label avecNono, which focuses primarily on the production of high-quality handbags, was founded in 2013. The first collection was designed at the urging of friends and acquaintances who wanted to purchase the, in the spare time, handmade bags.

avecNono from Zurich has a clean and modern look and every model is an up-to-the-minute choice. It's all about fashion with cool sophistication that still exudes an air of romance.

avecNono's exclusive "Made only once" service provides the ultimate personal experience in designing a unique bag, which lends individuality.








Luxury that's sustainable ... 


avecNono creations are handmade in either Switzerland, Poland or Hungary out of high quality Italian leather. The by-products, such as dust bags, are sewn in a family-run studio in Croatia.

The whole network of our Zurich- based Label consists exclusively of independent family businesses and is located in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Croatia Poland and Hungary.